Growing Edge

Within Sight will turn three years old in January. It is hard to believe that we have already been in business for nearly three years. I can easily remember those early days of being totally overwhelmed with the many tasks necessary to open the doors and seeing clients with only a chair and a folding table! The excitement of our new endeavor and adventure was fueling us on and we were definitely at our Growing Edge. This was a good place but a very scary one at the same time. A Growing Edge is the place where tremendous change is happening and there are definite paths that lead to positive and/or negative outcomes. It is where we learn more about ourselves and others. This can be frightening and can feel like we are falling over a cliff. While it's true fear is always present at our Growing Edge, there is also always excitement and opportunity to evolve and soar like never before. Allowing ourselves to go toward our Growing Edge involves trust, vulnerability and above all else courage.


As we approach our third year in business, I am reflecting about our vision and mission, the changes that we have experienced during these three years and our Growing Edge. Starting a new business is much like having a new baby. You feel overjoyed, excited, anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time. All the happiness, excitement and joy give way to late nights, exhaustion, worries about the enormous responsibilities ahead and the reality of the tiring, unrelenting and hard work. Despite these hardships, love & accomplishment fuel confidence and pride as baby becomes toddler. What emerges is a unique entity with her own personality soaking in the world as she takes it all in. Experience along with support guide her to stand up and bravely step forward. Life, change and growth continue as she approaches each Growing Edge.

Within Sight has faced its Growing Edge and as a result so have we. Our baby has changed over the past three years and is emerging into its unique entity. The people who have worked here, our clients who have courageously put their trust in us, and all others who have helped and supported us when we opened the doors to this moment are a vital part of our growth and evolution. All have helped us stand up as we took our first steps. Now we are walking taller and more confidently toward our future Growing Edge. Our mission is our guide and it has helped us stay on course during challenging times. Within Sight's mission is to provide quality and collaborative counseling and consulting services that allow our clients and employees to achieve their best personal and/or professional selves in an environment that supports discovery and connection.

Following the Growing Edge is hard but we feel well worth it. We will continue to reflect on how we are doing, how we can be better and which path will lead us to our Growing Edge. We will do so courageously and genuinely, knowing this is the best thing for us, for Within Sight and for our clients. Our door is open.

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