Freyja, (pronounced fray-ya) Sue Leader-Boren is a 9-year-old Terrier mix who resides in Evansville, Indiana. She was recently adopted by Caron, Mike and Lucy after they found her in foster care at their doggie day care. Freyja's second owner was an older woman who got sick and passed away leaving her and her 4 fur siblings in much needed care. Her background is not well known other than that but she definitely had been through a lot as she had difficulty eating, had lost a lot of her fur due to flea dermatitis, and had dental and eye problems. She had incredible care at Another Chance for Animals and is so grateful to foster dad, Jerry, for his tender, loving care. 

Freyja is doing so much better now and living her best life! She is learning many new things including how to walk on a leash, how to greet clients, how to ride in a car and how to share properly.  She loves people and while she might give an initial bark, she is very ready to flop over for a pet. She will eagerly jump up next to someone for a cuddle. She loves to go for walks, smell all the smells, be petted on her stomach, snuggle with people and wants so desperately to play with her sister Lucy. (Lucy is still not completely sure about her joining the pack.) Freyja hopes to get trained soon and might seek certification as a therapy dog. When not working or trying to find her dad, Freyja loves to nap on the couch between her mom and dad.