Lucille Rose Leader-Boren is a 6-year-old Blue Heeler mix. Lucy was adopted when she was 9 months old and lives with Caron, Mike and Freyja. She was found in a shopping cart in a store parking lot in Henderson, Kentucky. Caron and Mike were wandering PetSmart when they spotted Lucy and as Caron bent down to pet her, she jumped in Caron's lap. Caron simply could not leave the store without her. Lucy has been an only dog for several years despite living with a kitty for a brief time. She has recently gotten an older adopted sister and is acclimating to a life with a sibling.

Lucy has been trained but her nature does not make her the best therapy dog. While she loves people, she is a true protector herder, always wanting to know where her people are and what they are doing. She has added people to her pack and this now includes all the Within Sight staff. She can be found making her rounds to each office to see where everyone is, what they are up to and if they might have dropped a snack. Her high spiritedness and energy keep her parents entertained. She loves to run, jump, chase frisbees and is always up for an adventure of hiking or a long walk. Lucy is very smart and loves to do tricks for treats. You will find her at both our Vann and Mulberry locations, protecting the buildings and inhabitants. While she is loyal to her pack, she does like to greet new people and is very happy to protect all she meets. When not working, Lucy loves to play with her toys, go for long walks, jump as high as she can and snuggle with her peeps.